When I started in this industry as a kid, twisting wrenches was my job. As my skill set grew and my understanding of more complex mechanical systems evolved, mechanics became more than a job; it became my trade.

Today, two decades later, mechanical work is my craft. To me, a machine is the complex expression of a simple idea. There are many moving parts, but each machine is built to do a specific job, nothing more. My purpose is to look at the concert of parts as a whole, and to ensure the machine lives up to its simple purpose.

Politics, culture, bravado... none of these things interest me. Mechanical performance and excellence in my craft are what matter to me.

What makes Mechanic & Co. different?

This is not a factory shop and there's no endless supply of money backing us up. That means there is no margin for error and we must complete each task carefully and correctly the first time, every time. That said, shit happens. So we back all of our work with a guarantee against defects in workmanship. If we make a mistake, we'll do what it takes to make it right.

No one in  New York City knows aftermarket motorcycle components better than I do, period. Performance upgrades only work when they work together, and this shop specializes in aftermarket performance systems. We combine carefully selected components with expert tuning to deliver the highest level of performance possible.